Planet Swarm 0.1 Alpha Release

I have been creating a new game called Planet Swarm.

The game consists of a map with several planets scattered around. The aim is to redirect fleets of ships from planet to planet and out number the enemy to capture the planets. Capturing planets enables you to produce more units and eventually conquer the enemies home base.

Unit upgrades

With this being a mobile came having simple controls and UI makes the games more enjoyable so the system for upgrading is when you have a planet with 5 units of the same level they merge together to create a new stronger unit.

The game will be released on android and eventually the amazon store.

if you would like to try the beta use the link below.

Road Map

  • A shop to win random ship skins.
  • Produce 20 Maps for the production release.
  • Rework of the AI to make it more competitive
  • Depending on how well the game is received to add multiplayer VS mode.
  • Extra unit merges (Mother Ship)

Substance Designer materials with blender

A guide to using substance designer with blender.

Substance designer is a great way of bringing realistic textures to blender for rendering your models.

Step 1

Create your material in substance designer, I just used one material that come with the package for this example.

Step 2

In the file explorer right click your material and click on export the outputs as bitmap.

Step 3

Select your destination for your images to go to and untick the height option.


Step 4

In blender your going create a new material and then go to the node editing screen. Delete the default diffuse shader and add the new shader “Principled BSDF” (Shift + A).

Add in four new nodes called “Image Texture” and then assign the images that we exported and plug them in to the Principled BSDF shader.

The Final Result

IPLocker Update

I have totally redesigned the interface for the site.

I Have used a different architecture moving away from the one page design, to a more usual layout with multiple pages. I have implemented more security features and made it optional for you to display your IP Address publicly. Using the new option page lets you change your IP to public with a simple tick box and also disable it. Any suggestions for a new features? feel free to leave a comment below.

All features at the moment are free and will stay free for early access users, before i start making people pay for other services provided.

Check it out here IPLocker


A fresh start on my blog and you should hopefully see more tutorials and code snippets of what I’m currently doing.  Currently I’m working on creating a website site / Client program for storing peoples external IP address for people without static external IP’s.

But you can just use Dynamic DNS?

This is just an alternate way as it just uses IP Address and not host names. I’m hoping to make a nice little API so they can integrate it into server software so you can always access your home network.

IP Locker