IPLocker Update

I have totally redesigned the interface for the site.

I Have used a different architecture moving away from the one page design, to a more usual layout with multiple pages. I have implemented more security features and made it optional for you to display your IP Address publicly. Using the new option page lets you change your IP to public with a simple tick box and also disable it. Any suggestions for a new features? feel free to leave a comment below.

All features at the moment are free and will stay free for early access users, before i start making people pay for other services provided.

Check it out here IPLocker


A fresh start on my blog and you should hopefully see more tutorials and code snippets of what I’m currently doing.  Currently I’m working on creating a website site / Client program for storing peoples external IP address for people without static external IP’s.

But you can just use Dynamic DNS?

This is just an alternate way as it just uses IP Address and not host names. I’m hoping to make a nice little API so they can integrate it into server software so you can always access your home network.

IP Locker